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So you’re lost huh?

That’s okay…it happens. In fact, Maid Appleton stumbled upon some cool stuff while lost!!


Here’s how our site is set up:


Simple page to get you to any other page.

Lets you know more about the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.



Tons of Juicy info at a glance. From here you can get to places she’s been in the U.S. and find links to other sites and get other little tidbits of information.



Tons of International Flav-a. From here you can get to places she’s been and those she has yet to discover.


Good place to compare your travel schedule and Maid Appleton’s. If you’re going there and she hasn’t….why not take her?


Picture submittal
This gives tips on how to take pictures with Maid Appleton.


Some minor, but important, stuff to remember when taking those pictures.






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