Life-extending surgery on Maid Appleton

Initially the juice box was brand-spanking new. The outside was properly formed and the Tetra-pak lining was intact. But as with all things, wear and tear started to take place. The box started leaking.

We had a decision to make?

Do we (A) continue with the original box and if so, how do we further preserve it, or (B) do we abandon the original box and get ‘stand-ins’ and therefore have multiple back-ups.

We decided on “A”, continuing with the original box.

Tom came up with the idea to use plaster-of-paris to preserve the box. With the method in place, we now just needed to do the surgery.

Here are the steps in the plasterification surgery.

  1. Remove the existing juice (or blood or life-force) of Maid Appleton. This was preserved.op1

  2. Mix the existing juice with the plaster-of-paris to preserve her original life-force.op2

  3. Insert the plaster-of-paris into the original juice box.op3

  4. Use common household items to form the juice box in place until it hardens.

  5. After the plaster-of-paris sets, continue the traveling adventures with Maid Appleton.


With the operation a success, Maid Appleton now had a solid, cement-like core. She was impenetrable to outside forces. Nothing was going to stop her now.


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