Friends of Maid Appleton

Friends of Maid Appleton


Maid Appleton loves to travel, and unsurprisingly she loves to travel with others. Here are the friends of Maid Appleton.




Marc T. from Denver, Colorado on the light rail to the Sat. May 23, 2015 U2 concert. He was selected on Friday May 22, 2015 to play “In God’s Country” on the stage with the band. See below!




Denise from Fairfield, TX at the U2 concert on Fri. May 22, 2015




Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge – [Photo: Scott and Karen J.]



Friend 0547

Joao – dune buggy driver from Brazil



Friend 0501

Adam (left) and Robbie (right), both from Houston




Jami from Arizona



Friend 0885

Rosa from El Salvador



Friend 1081

Alejandro Cotto from El Salvador



Friend Oh Santa 01

Santa Claus from the North Pole



Friend Ca 02

Dr. Brian Boxer-Wachler from California



Teig from Ohio



Tx Dallas Dealey Plaza Friend Misc 02

Jason (right) from Texas



Friend 0056

Ty and Ian from Arizona



Friend 00564

Juliana from Brazil



Friend 0002

The Sandwich King from Texas



Friend 43902

Connor, Abby, and Josh from Texas



Elsal Friend 0823

Carla and iguana from El Salvador



Friend 0383

Zach, Rachel, Hannah, and Mackenzie from Utah



Friend 45741

Watchman from Dominican Republic



Friend Ca 03







Guard at Plaza Independencia, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



Ger Munich Friends 05



Ger Munich Friends 04



Friend in Ataco La Mirador, El Salvador



Friend from Prague, Czech Republic





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