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Oh no!!!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a broken link at all:

It just happens that Maid Appleton never had the good fortune of visiting this particular place.

But don’t let that worry you! You can help!



“How?” you may ask.
Keep reading to find out how!! 

Simple….just take a Minute Maid© juice box to somewhere in your city and state that Maid would love to visit.

But how do I know what Maid Appleton would have liked?

Take a look at the following list of do’s and dont’s as a guide:


The “original” Maid (left) and the “modern” one (right) both of which are acceptable for photos.


  1. Make sure the juice box is the main item in the picture (i.e. we want people to notice the box first).

  2. Try to keep your finger out of it. At times this may be hard but the idea is to have the juice box, not a finger.

  3. Places of historical interest are great as are well-known places.

  4. Although your grandma and grandpa are probably really cool, we don’t want them with a picture of the juice box (unless of course they are celebrities).

  5. Celebrities rock! If possible they should hold the juice box…you can’t.

  6. Focus! Focus! Focus! Yeah, we know it can be hard to focus on a juice box right in front of you with the Eiffel Tower in back. Try your best…that’s all that counts!!

  7. Juice boxes and flash photography don’t mix (as you’ve probably seen). The more natural light the better.

  8. If you should travel abroad, get a local juice box, and make sure the juice box is IN the picture(s) as well. If possible bring back the foreign juice box and mail it to us.

If you can abide by the previous simple rules and this other pseudo-legality then submit your picture here:

If you are still clueless about whether your picture will qualify here are some more guidelines.

  • Bad Idea: The Juice Box with a picture of The Great Wall of China.

  • Better Idea: The Juice Box right next to The Great Wall of China (may be hard to distinguish).

  • Best Idea: The Juice Box held by a monk clearly in front of The Wall with everyone in focus…and smiling.


  • Bad Idea: The Juice Box on a rock in your yard.

  • Better Idea: The juice Box on a rock at Arches National Park.

  • Best Idea: The Juice Box on a rock in Arches with other arches clearly visible in the background and no sun to wash out the box.


The following places need photos added:



Usa Gif
Usa Gif





Rest of the World


…almost all inclusive…




























































fiav Fiav

































































micronesia Micronesia


























Palau GifPalau
























Seborga GifSeborga



Serbia And Montenegro GifSerbia and Montenegro










































Western Samoa







Yugoslavia Gif Yugoslavia







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