“Old” and “New” Names

While growing up, whether it was while traveling with my family or while learning geography, I was always curious about why a number of places had “New” in the name, but none┬áseemed to have “Old”.

As I had the opportunity to further travel for work and pleasure, the listed “New” and inferred “Old” became more apparent.

In case you are wondering how many instances of this there are, wonder no more. I’ve created this handy table to help out.


Old vs. New

A list of places by their "Old" and "New" names.
"Old" NameLocation"New" NameLocation
BraunfelsCity north of Frankfurt GermanyNew BraunfelsCity northeast of San Antonio, TX, USA
BraunschweigCity in state of Lower Saxony, GermanyNew BrunswickProvince in Eastern Canada
BrightonCity in England, U.K.New BrightonNeighborhood on north shore of Staten Island, NY, USA
CaledoniaNorthern part of Scotland (today)New CaledoniaSouth Pacific
DelhiNorthern IndiaNew DelhiNorthern India
EnglandCountry in EuropeNew EnglandRegion in USA comprising Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
GloucesterCity in Massachusetts, USANew GloucesterCity in Maine, USA
HampshireCity Southwest of London, EnglandNew HampshireState in Northeastern USA
Hyde ParkPark in London, EnglandNew Hyde ParkArea in Long Island, NY, USA
JerseyIsland in English ChannelNew JerseyState south of New York in Northeastern USA
LondonCity in EnglandNew LondonCity in New Hampshire, USA
MexicoCountry south of USANew MexicoState in USA that borders Mexico
WindsorCity west of London, EnglandNew WindsorTown in New York, USA
YorkNorthern EnglandNew YorkState in Northeastern USA
ZeelandSW of South Holland in the NetherlandsNew ZealandSouth Pacific


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