Maid Appleton’s Obituary

 in memorium … 15 December 1998 – 13 April 2002

Probably the hardest thing for a parent to go through is when a child passes away before they do. Surely tons of questions arise and they most likely all begin with “Why…?” For me it was the same. Maid Appleton had come to mean so much to me and for me. I just hope we all may live like she did.



as seen in the Houston Chronicle

Maid Appleton’s sisters, Tasha and Syder, have taken it upon themselves to continue the travels in her honor. Since all the sister look very much alike, Tasha and Syder have chosen to be listed as “Maid Appleton” in their travels.


Now that you’ve gotten to know Maid Appleton I hope that you would contribute to her Guest Book.

And don’t forget to visit the “Help” section to find out how you can continue to keep Maid Appleton’s spirit alive.




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